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“Who Else Wants To Know What’s REALLY Inside?”

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If You Are Struggling To Get A True And Visible Six Pack, Please Fully Understand This:

Your actual lack of great success is NOT due to the fact you aren’t hip to the latest diet or ab blasting tricks…

… or because you aren’t following the “most desirable” diet expert in the industry…

… or because you just aren’t spending a lot of time on the net examining a variety of ab blasting treatments and online weight loss forums.

Nope. The six pack abs you want is truly being held up simply because of something much
more simple…

And a lot easier to resolve. If you are able to pay attention.

So here is the Serious Darn Issue #1:

Do you desire to throw away years and years (and plenty of dollars) trying out nearly every new and different weight loss gimmick, looking for an edge?

Or perhaps are you finally ready to uncover the first essential step to unleashing the Awesome Six Pack underneath that flab?

Okay, then. Let’s get started on changing your life forever…

“TAA Product Overview”

The program is created by Mike Geary and is now gaining popularity FAST across the nation. But Why?

How Does The Truth About Abs Work?

The program helps individuals of all ages to lose weight.

It helps the middle age person who cannot seem to make progress. It helps the young adult who really needs to get fit and lose excess weight. The program helps the family member who does not have a whole lot of time to exercise but is searching for a weight loss solution that helps their abdominal region.

The program shies away from using diet pills that are risky for the body. The Truth About Six Pack Abs shows you how to burn more calories than your body consumes with a light workout routine.

“The structured routine given is easy to follow and nearly fail proof.” But...

I Must Warn You. Truth About Six Pack Abs will be like NOTHING you have EVER read before.

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Information is given that most individuals have never been taught in life regarding dieting and exercise. Foods are discussed that are not as good for the body as many believe. Most users are surprised that they have been looking at a healthy dietary plan in the wrong light and the changes needed are so simple.

More Important Information About The Program:

Truth About Abs is not a plan that tells you what to eat, it tells you the things to avoid that sabotage your weight loss. Great tasting food ideas are shared through the program highlights. The system will allow any individual to develop great abs, when added to personal discipline.

The exercise ideas within the program show you how to keep moving about throughout the day without feeling pressured, overwhelmed, and tired of exercise.

When the body is moving, it is burning calories which results in burning off fat and losing weight. It is important to have some exercise or calorie burning options added within your daily routine.

What is included with the Truth About Abs?

  • Information about which foods to avoid
  • Simple ways to increase daily movement of the body
  • Loads of foods that will increase your body’s potential to lose weight faster
  • Suggested food intake schedules
  • Exercise suggestions that are easy to follow
  • Targeting information about getting your mid-section in shape
  • Truth About Abs blueprint plans
  • Encouragement and insights into how the body works best

Trial Offer

Just before you decide… if you’re not sure whether you want to commit, you can take the trial and pay $4.95 to get the entire course… You have 3 ENTIRE WEEKS (that’s 21 days) to back out and cancel before the rest of the full price is billed…

whey protein isolate

When you pay the full amount after the 3 weeks, you’re still covered by the 60-day money back guarantee from then on, so you have plenty of time to make the Truth About Abs work for you!

>> Get Full Access To The Truth About Abs Plan For Just $4.95 Right Now!

Why Should You Use This Program To Lose Weight?

First of all, anyone who is overweight will feel better when their body is functioning properly. Feeding the body the wrong foods at the wrong times is not good.

The Truth About Abs package has everything you need to make the needed changes in your life.  An increasing number of people around the world are realizing its benefits.

The program does not require you to do limitless hours and days of body crunching exercises.

It does not require you to do long numbers of hours of cardio conditioning. Pills and tablets are not the answer to success. The program does not scam you into buying needed equipment to get great abs.

Here are several of the highlights given inside the plan:

  Effective tips for substantial burn up routines that are easy to maintain
  How to consume more healthy food items promoting additional health
  The correct amount of calories needed on a daily basis to get rid of weight and feel wonderful
  Facts concerning meal replacements and powdered proteins you may not know
  Tips for ingesting food which will encourage healthy amounts of excess fat loss
  Fitness tips that can put you within the street to achievement

The Truth About Abs focuses on a few key principles in the development of abdominal muscles:

•  Management of body fat percentage
•  Understanding and effectively utilizing the six essential nutrients
•  The impact of vitamins, nutrients, and minerals on your body and your abdomen
•  Calculating and managing daily calorie requirements
•  Proper calculation of your resting metabolic rate, or RMR

A successful integration of The Truth About Abs routine into your lifestyle will have many benefits to your health and appearance:

•  You will have time for the things you live, as “The Truth About Abs” is not centered around   spending too much time in the gym achieving results.
•  Increases in metabolism and energy levels will help you maintain weight loss for a longer period of   time.
•  You will also have a much healthier lifestyle, enabling you to live a longer and more prosperous life.
•  Confidence and self-esteem will be boosted as a result of a healthier body.
•  You will be put on the fast track to the physique you have always wanted.

What support is given with the abdominal program?

The program comes with great support options at no additional cost. The program consists of an educational e-book that can be downloaded immediately or at your convenience.the truth about abs belly picture

The Truth About Six Pack Abs also comes with a free e-zine membership to Lean Body Fitness. Members can access information at any time to learn more and gain needed support.

Several additional reports are sent to the purchaser including information about insider secrets and meals that kill body fat. A metabolic rate calculator is included to assist the member in gaining the most effective weight loss window.

Healthy meals and food recipe tips are included within the package. This allows the user to gain confidence in eating the way the body was meant to be fed. Weekly fitness and health tips are available to the user at the click of a button on site. Currently users of the product are requesting a forum for discussions among the current 276,000 users.

Consumer Complaints:

As a product reviewer, I take research of complaints very seriously. These are Issues that need immediate clarification and you have a right to know.

There was ONLY ONE complaint filed.

Report: #620549 – 2/15/2010

Dear Sir/Madam,

I paid by credit card for the The Truth About Six Pack Abs Package, including Audio and video, and Food Recipes, amounting to a total of $67.88, following which I received a payment acknowledgement receipt from ClickBank on the 29th of December 2009 (Relevant Order Ref. Nos. E22PY6LP and E22PY6RJ). However, I never received this item! Could you please advise as to how I can trace the item or obtain a refund for the amount paid? I can be contacted on my email address

Many thanks & Regards

My assessment: I order every product that I review. I received my download immediately after my purchase. With this product all buyers receive an email right after purchase where you can straight away contact the company if you have any problem not receiving your order. I will also give you my email just in case you need further help. Feel free to contact me anytime at

Please do understand that The Truth About Six Pack Abs is a DOWNLOADABLE Digital product. You get access immediately after purchase. There is no wait  time. Remember you will not be getting a package by postal delivery or any other carrier service. This can be confusing to some buyers.

Product Assessment Results

The system is truly a great product that is easy to follow. The cost is lower than a nice meal for two at an elegant restaurant. The system is definitely changing how people are eating and exercising without dread of another day.

Our rating for this item is 9. 5 points on a 10 point scale.

Negative online reviews were certainly searched for on this product.

The only concerns stated on forums I visited were the desire for an actual TAA product forum itself, and some users requesting DVD format to use in their homes. This alone should tell you that this product is one to try.

Highly Recommended Product

Losing weight is important as well as maintaining it. Many people in the world today are confused with so many diet plans on the market. This is truly sad, but we are giving insights into a program that many are finding works incredibly well.

Are you ready to get great looking abs without killing yourself on a daily basis? Are you ready to feel more confident in yourself?

With Truth About Abs you will do away with ever having to buy special equipment or diet foods again. Quit spending hundreds of dollars on a regular basis to find the answer to your problem once and for all.

Ok. Let’s discuss price.

The cost of The Truth About Abs Is $39.95.

Your complete satisfaction is ensured by means of the programs Zero RISK, “YOU CAN NOT LOSE”, 100%, NO-QUESTIONS-ASKED, 60 day IRON CLAD MONEY BACK GUARANTEE. Now that’s as real as I could say it.

I am sure you’ll be able to burn the belly fat off your abs and truly see the true six pack you so much desire if you put into practice even a handful of the ideas. But nevertheless, if for any issue, you aren’t happy and completely satisfied with the product, you will be refunded 100% of your ordering price.

What I’m saying is…



That is what I pointed out, NO NEED TO DECIDE RIGHT AWAY.

Just simply download it, examine it and try out the suggestions. If it does not do all that and more, if you do not lose the weight and burn the stubborn belly fat; if it fails to work out for you, you have absolutely nothing to feel stressed about because you can receive every single cent of your money back under The Truth About Six Packs Abs no-loopholes agreement. You have not one thing to lose and every reason to benefit. All of the the risk is on them.

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The Truth About Six Packs abs Jake Heardt

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 The Truth About Abs Review

 All men and women desire a slim, sculpted body, but…  does the Truth About Abs program really reveal the secrets behind all the myths and facts?

Right off the bat, the official “Truth About Abs” website advertises that the lazy, unmotivated, and foolish will not benefit from this program.

And rightfully so. No diet plan or exercise regimen will give true benefits to people who do not put in the effort needed. The website also warns that miracle cures are non-existent.

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“The Truth About Abs” website also boldly states that you have been misled into performing all the wrong exercises to get great abs.

The program introduces a new way to achieve abdominal aesthetic perfection, promising to top any and all fad diets and supposed miracle products in doing so.

A variety of techniques and exercises outlined in the program are included. There is even a before and after section, where customers who have went through the program actually show off their results.

What’s in “The Truth About Abs”

The Truth About Abs is a fitness regimen authored by Mike Geary, a Platinum Expert Fitness author on

His repertoire includes hundreds of articles about fitness and health, posted and circulated around thousands of websites on the internet. He is also a contributing editor on Muscle & Oxygen Magazine, and has made guest appearances on many radio shows on the subject of health.

Much of his expertise has gone into authoring “The Truth About Abs,” a guide centered on the health and development on the abdominal area. Aside from the fact that a set of six-pack abs look great, the abdomen is one of the most crucial areas of the body.

Nearly every activity, everyday or at the gym, requires the use of the abdomen in some way. Even legendary martial artist Bruce Lee believed that the abdominal muscles are some of the most important muscle groups in the body.

Following the guidelines outlined in “The Truth About Abs” will, according to the author, enable you to download and discover your very own system and learn what you have been doing wrong all this time. Many simple changes based on the guidelines can be made to existing routines if a reader has been going through one, too.

Could It All Be A Scam?

Home shopping channels advertising quick, do-it-yourself methods to get washboard abs may have jaded potential shoppers to methods like this. The Truth About Abs book may also be passed over because of this stigma. Like any other diet plan, however, your success may vary depending on the effort you actually put into it. Here You will have all the tools and info need to finally succeed.

The Truth About Abs offers a 60-day money-back guarantee should the dieter feel that the program just isn’t for them. Geary guarantees that you will get results, if applied correctly. guarantee may appease their dissatisfaction.

The 8-week period a dieter has to review The Truth About Abs program with should give them adequate time to get results. The author himself states that while The Truth About Abs program is proven to work, it is not a get-fit-quick scheme designed for lazy or unmotivated dieters. The effectiveness of this diet plan is left up to the dieter to make for himself, just like every other diet plan or miracle exercise regimen out there today.

The official website states that over 276,000 people in 163 countries have used the Truth About Abs program successfully in a span of 5 years. User feedback, as well as before and after pictures posted on the official website, can also help sway the notion that the Truth About Abs program is NOT a scam waiting to take your money. Should you manage to shake that apprehension, then The Truth About Abs may indeed work out well for you and your body.

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