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“Who Else Wants To Know What’s REALLY Inside?”

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fat burning furnace review

Do you need a product that really works to burn fat fast? Do you want to use a program that puts your body into a high burning mode to blast fat away once and for all?

But…  you are scared to try another over hyped weight loss product that just doesn’t deliver on its promises?

Can you even trust that Fat Burning Furnace will give you the real fat busting results you are searching for so badly or is just a fast scam instead?

Well… Here’s What’s REALLY Inside The Program


“FBF Product Overview”

The FBF program allows you to eat large amounts of fat burning foods. The foods will also fight the sensation of cravings within the body.

Your body will think that it is getting plenty of food, and starts burning fat rapidly. You will feel increased energy to do more things without feeling down, weighted, or depressed.

Foods eaten within the program also work with your body, controlling fat loss hormones. The fat loss hormones will work more efficiently while you eat the foods allowed. Your body will start to lose the weight at a wonderful pace.

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Benefits Of Using The FBF

Using this program will make you feel better, have increased energy, and look better. Decreasing fat and body weight will allow your body to move easier, breathe easier, think better.fat burning furnace box

Joints will no longer ache from the excess weight being carried around. You will be able to breathe easier from the weight loss and be able to fit more comfortably into your existing clothing.

The health benefits of using this product will provide your body with nutritional foods that the body loves.

Chances of disease will be decreased as each individual comes closer to their normal body weight. Most importantly, you will feel better about yourself as a person.

More About The Program

WARNING: FBF contains 5 secret truths that will contradict EVERYTHING you ever thought you knew about dieting and fitness!

Dieting has done more harm to individuals over the years. This program helps your body instead of harms it. It provides a delicious way of eating and a simple way of moving. The body is tricked into fighting the fat for you. This product is an ultimate fitness program designed to work. FBF provides easy to follow, step-by-step instructions with photos. This system is unlike any diet regime on the market, and it works.

Who Can Use This Product?

Men and women of all ages
Obese teenagers
Medical professionals
Friends and family members

What Are Some Of The Downfalls?

For any weight loss plan, including this particular system, you need to be dedicated to change your life and succeed. No way of getting around that.

There is a great deal of data included with the plan; you may feel the need to read the program several times to gain all the valuable insights. The program isn’t for everyone, but most people have the ability to see outcomes in a very short amount of time. You will also have the ability to maintain your results.

Consumer Complaints:

As a product reviewer, I take research of complaints very seriously. These are Issues that need immediate clarification and you have a right to know.

There were two complaint claims filed

Report: #591028 – 5/18/2010

I signed up for Fat Burning Ultimate for $39.97, Blowtorch Training Upgrade for $29.97 and Click-A-Meal For $9.97.  They charged my debit card.  When I tried to get back into the account they had given me, I could not pull it up.

Report: #603667 – 5/15/2010

Never received order. i want a refund of $37.80 plus $5.36 now. will never order anything from them again.

My Assessment : When I ordered the program I immediately got access to it so I am really not sure why these consumers did not receive their order.

You will also get an email right away giving you contact information in case you have any questions at all. Heck, you can even contact me anytime if you need help. jake@foundationforintimacy.com

Also do understand that this is is NOT a physical product. This is an immediate downloadable product. I think certain consumers get confused and are waiting for it to arrive and that could be the reason they claim non delivered product.

What Are Other Users Saying About Fat Burning Furnace?

The directions are easy to follow
The program really works
The exercise regimen is very easy to do
I do not have to buy expensive foods to follow the program
I can easily include this into my family meal preparations
I lost 59 pounds and dropper 8 dress sizes
My wife and I lost over 100 pounds and have kept it off
I enjoy going to the beach now with my family

What Is The Goal Of Fat Burning Furnace (FBF)?

trial offer

The goal of the FBF plan is to help every woman and man who follows the program to have the most amazing and lasting results possible. Many years of research have taken place to make the product the best that it is.

It was developed to allow you to eat without demanding restrictions, and doing hours of boring, ridiculous workouts.

Can the program help your medical condition?

Losing weight can assist the body in functioning better. The program can help your body become more efficient and help you to feel great.

As with any weight reducing program, it is best to see your physician for a check-up prior to beginning. The program is a great way to lose the fat and excess body weight. Discuss the details with your doctor and he will guide you on any dietary adjustments that need to be made.

As individuals who are obese lose weight, blood sugar levels become more normalized. Many individuals have also seen a decrease in cholesterol levels when lowering their body weight. Joint and hip problems will start to diminish with the loss of extra body weight. Anyone who needs to lose weight will benefit from a program that works.

Video Shows EXACTLY What’s Inside

So, What Will You Gain By Using FBF?

Optimal weight loss
Loss of body fat
Feel great with new energy
Compliments from those who know you
More family time, less work out time
Increased knowledge in how to eat to help the body to burn fat fast
Visual support within the program details
A unique support system that works
The ability to buy clothes in the size you desire
Confidence and increased self esteem
Increased inspiration to move forward in life
Additional bonuses to help you stay motivated during the change
Support from the makers of FBF
Success stories from real-life people

What Makes FBF Different Then All Other Fat Burning – Weight Loss Systems?

First and foremost… FBF requires very little time. Much Less than any other weight loss product we have come across. This makes it so easy to stick with.

You will not be instructed to do boring and dreaded cardio workouts and there is absolutly NO crazy eating restrictions.

FBF is unlike ANY other program on the market today. That is the reason it is so controversial. The Program goes against everything you ever learned about weight loss. But… If what you already know actually worked, you wouldn’t be still looking for a way to get thin.

The program is hands down one of the the easiest systems to follow and it Absolutely WORKS. This is a system that you seriously can follow for the rest of your life.

Highly Recommended Product

Fat Burning Furnace is a unique product that is bringing success to many users. In reviewing much information regarding this product, we rate it 9.5 out of 10. The item is very cost-effective and can be used by nearly anyone.

This product is well worth the price and can be successfully utilized by a large number of individuals with long term results. This review has hardly touched the basic foundation of benefits with the product alone in writing. Only a few of the highlights have been written within this assessment.

So. Let’s discuss the price tag.

The price For Fat Burning Furnace Is $39.97 for the Ultimate.

Your own personal total satisfaction is ensured by way of FBF’s Zero RISK, “YOU CAN’T LOSE”, 100%, NO-QUESTIONS-ASKED, 60 day IRON CLAD MONEY BACK GUARANTEE. Now that’s as strong as I can express it.

I am sure you can actually burn the body fat that you so much wish for as long as you utilize just a handful of FBF recommendations. Even so, if for any specific reason, you aren’t delighted and completely satisfied with the system, you’ll certainly be refunded 100% of your ordering cost. FBF author Rob Paulos says No hard feelings. No hoops to jump through. FAIR ENOUGH???

What I’m saying is…


That is what I said, You shouldn’t DECIDE Right away.

Just simply download it, start reading it and try out the information. If this doesn’t do all that and much more, if you really don’t lose the weight and burn the stubborn fat off; if it does not do the job for you, you have nothing at all to worry about since you are able to receive every red cent of your money back with FBF’s no-loopholes agreement. As a result you have nothing to lose and everything to gain. All of the the risks are on them.

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The Truth About Six Packs abs Jake Heardt

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Fat Burning Furnace Review

The FBF diet is a weight loss plan created by Rob Poulos for the company Zero to Hero Fitness, LLC.

This particular plan is advertised to beat any fad weight loss regimen with its patented program.

In addition to weight loss, gaining lean muscle is also a goal, as well as increases in your resting metabolic rate, or RMR. The latter is where the name “Fat Burning Furnace” is said to come from.

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With its many promises to help dieters lose weight and build lean muscle fast, many people would be quick to point out that the Fat Burning Furnace diet is a scam.

No weight reduction plan is created perfect, and none at all would even work a bit unless the dieter actually puts effort into it. If you are motivated enough to lose weight, and if you are able to keep up with the regimen, then the program may indeed be for you.

 The Basics of the FBF Diet

Rob Poulos outlines the system in the 158 pages of his book. The Fat Burning Furnace system focuses on losing fat and gaining lean muscle, as well as raising your resting metabolic rate.

The increased metabolic rate helps you lose fat even at rest, one of the reasons why this system was named the “Fat Burning Furnace.”

The Book Outlines The Program In 35 of It’s Pages.

Much of the advice in the book includes:

•  Staying away from fad diets and their marketing hype
•  Food recommendations to maximize fat loss
•  Ways to keep track of your food intake
•  Foods that give the nutrients your body needs
•  An outline on many common perceptions about proper nutrition
•  Sample meal plans, as well as a web site where dieters can get many free recipes from

Some of these pages include planners which the reader can tear out and fill out on his own.

This can help you (the dieter) keep track of how well the system is working out for you. Another helpful feature to go along with the organizer is a body fat percentage chart, which is basic enough for new dieters to utilize easily.

Part of what makes a successful weight reducing plan is the exercise that goes with it.

The diet portion of the FBF book includes:

•  Short workouts that can be performed in as little as 20 minutes a day, three times a week
•  Full body exercises and specific workouts, which can be performed at the dieter’s desired pace
  Detailed descriptions, illustrations, and guides of the said exercises
  A break-in routine for dieters who haven’t exercised for a long period of time
  2 hours of video, should you opt for the Blow Torch system to go along with the book

The short nature of the exercises and the special section for new dieters make this particular diet a flexible option. Many of the exercises focus on tiring all of the muscles out in order to make the most out of the increased metabolism that the system is designed to optimize.

The author also stresses that a long cardio workout is not required for Fat Burning Furnace to be effective. Poulos states that “long and frequent cardio or aerobic workouts from quick weight loss programs are among the worst ways to burn fat.”

Is the Fat Burning Furnace System a Scam?

Some of the statements on the official website can be considered controversial. One of these is the statement about cardio workouts, which have been scientifically proven time and time again to deliver benefits to one’s health, fat burning ability, or otherwise. The many purchase options consumers have when buying into the FBF system is also a topic of much-heated debate.

These purchase options include:

1. The Deluxe Package – This package includes the Fat Burning Furnace book, either in physical or digital form. You will also get a 3-month coaching program through e-mail.

2. The Ultimate Package – While it may not cost any more than the Deluxe FBFpackage, buyers will get additional online tools and guides in the Ultimate Package: a body fat analyzer and a Metabolic Rate Calculator. A detailed, printable progress tracker is also included, as well as 12 months of online coaching rules through e-mail.

3. The BlowTorch Package – With this package, buyers not only get the Fat Burning Furnace book, but also a digital manual and nearly 2 hours of weight loss-inducing video. In the videos, the author himself performs all of the exercises in his home gym. This package retails for about $70.

With all the goodies you get free of charge when opting for the Ultimate Package, the Program is truly not a scam at all. Skeptics weary of the claims the author makes may not be swayed by many of the marketing terms and hype on the official website, though.

Like any diet plan, however, you may have to try out the program yourself to see if it really works for you. But… I bet you will be pleasantly surprised!

FBF UltimateRemember, you’re going to be downloading FBF to your computer.
There is nothing that needs to be mailed, so you get INSTANT ACCESS!

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Please Consult Your Doctor Before starting Fat Burning Furnace

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